We are open

Hi everybody!

After several months of working and choosing of an appropriate web site engine, I decided to choose the WordPress. It is extremely light, powerful and flexible web engine, fast developing and modern framework with huge amount of different plugins, allowing users to adjust and customize anything you want. 

“Why we didn’t write the whole website from scratch?” — ask you.

At the start up level, I think it’s more than enough to deploy a fast website with minimum efforts and budget. Later – sure! We can hire a professional web master and designer to develop a proper and serious site. But I think firstly we need to concentrate on our business. However, if you are talented web designer, who have a free time and have knowledge in CSS3, HTML5, modern web technologies and design trends — contact us.

We are small and young start up company doing things in engineering, as well as in different technologies, with space and educational bias.

At the moment I’m working on our web shop.  This section will appear soon. In the future shop want to sell our products, inventions, extra parts, different engineering stuff and educational goods.

I would like to describe some main features of our website you can use effectively.

On the main page on the top you can see highlighted posts, most recent and interesting activities at the moment. Whole timeline represents an endless band of posts that you can scroll and they will appear automatically. Inside the posts we will overview certain project we made, different approaches, why we did it this way, technologies and material used in it with lots of pictures, galleries, explanation videos, assembly or maintaining tutorials and calculations. Time after time we will post some interesting information about company development, what for equipment we bought, team members stories. Under the posts you can write comments, ask questions, advise and of course discuss, dispute and argue. Use calendars or search bar to find posts, menus and lots of other, explore the site. We will glad to see you here!